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Published reports say that seven Southern California United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) union locals have unanimously agreed to extend their collective bargaining agreement with Kroger's Food 4 Less division through April 4.

The CBA, covering 5,700 workers in 101 stores, had been set to expire Feb. 28.

The extension does not affect Kroger's ongoing negotiations with the UFCW over the strike/lockout that has affected 70,000 employees at Southern California's three biggest supermarket chains - Kroger's Ralphs, Safeway's Vons, and Albertsons - since October 11. In this strike/lockout, the two sides began meeting last week for the first time since mid-December.
KC's View:
Score one for Kroger and its CEO, David Dillon. Left to their own devices, and able to negotiate on their own with the UFCW, they at least are able to come to some sort of small accommodation.

Makes you wonder what would happen in Southern California with the big three chains if Kroger were on its own or the lead horse in the negotiations.