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There are numerous published reports, including an excellent on in The New York Times, about the carbohydrate summit scheduled for next week in Rome, at which "physicians, chefs, pasta manufacturers and other pasta partisans will gather in Italy's capital for a full-boiled response to the advances of the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet, which threatens to put rigatoni on the run."

The goal of the conference is to establish a beachhead in the nutrition and diet wars, to focus on the healthful benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which "exalts olive oil, recommends restraint around red meat and makes ample allowance for pasta," according to the NYT description. Also on the agenda: a look at the causes of cardiovascular disease, sessions on cooking, and a look at the history of fad diets.
KC's View:
No word on whether the autopsy report on the late Dr. Robert Atkins will be one of the handouts.

Can you imagine? A pasta summit in Rome?

Wonder if it is too late to get plane tickets and a press pass…