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The Toronto Globe & Mail reports that McDonald's of Canada is adding several low-carbohydrate items to its menu.

The morning low-carb offering will consist of two eggs, two pieces of bacon, a piece of sausage, and a slice of tomato. During the rest of the day, low-carb dieters will be able to choose from a quarter-pound hamburger, a slice of bacon, a slice of cheese, and a smattering of lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle, or the same basic platter with chicken breast subbing for the burger.

The company also said that it is considering a revamped and more nutritious Happy Me, and that it will unveil displays in its stores "that will detail tips on reducing carbs, fat and calories."

The Globe & Mail, however, notes that "the sign's message…can be interpreted as both perplexing and encouraging for a country struggling with its waistline: It suggests patrons forgo the things that made McDonald's famous -- such as burgers, French fries and special sauce -- in favour of items such as chicken, salad and yogurt."
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