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  • The CBC in Canada reports that Price Edward Island MP Wayne Easter is calling for a ban on American beef in Canada as a way of retaliating for the ongoing American ban on Canadian beef.

    "Hardball means to me starting to put their beef imports into Canada under exactly the same restrictions as ours," said Easter. "They've had a mad cow case in the United States. The origin of the cow does not matter, what matters is what it was fed. And I believe firmly that we should be working together to open up international markets. And if one of us has a problem we, in fact, both have. But that's not the way the Americans are operating. So we have to I think move to protect our producers' interests."

  • Attorneys for Franklin C. Brown, the former vice chairman of Rite Aid convicted on ten charges related to accounting fraud and conspiracy, have filed a motion with the court asking that five of the convictions be overturned for lack of evidence. The lawyers also asked that Brown be given a new trial on the remaining five counts.

    The US attorney's office has until Feb. 24 to respond.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that several Asian nations - Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore - have temporarily banned chicken imports from the US following the discovery of bird flu in Delaware, where 12,000 chickens were slaughtered.

    The WSJ notes that "Delaware officials said the state's avian-influenza strain, H7, is milder than the H5N1 strain in Asia and doesn't pose a risk to humans." A total of 19 people have died from bird flu in Vietnam and Thailand.

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