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The Wall Street Journal reports this morning on the brewing wars taking place between Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks.

Dunkin' Donuts has installed espresso/latte/cappuccino machines in all of its outlets, offering a product that is designed to compete with Starbucks at a lower price. And Starbucks is, according to the WSJ, "looking for growth by opening stores in blue-collar communities where Dunkin' Donuts would typically dominate."
KC's View:
Competition is good for both sides.

And we have to say that a Dunkin' Donuts latte is pretty good. In fact, we're looking out our window at the Dunkin' Donuts across the street, and thinking that maybe we'll stroll across the way and order one. It'll save us the block and a half walk to Starbucks.

Ultimately, that's how we - and probably a lot of other people - will make their decision: based on which one is closer at the moment of desire.