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  • Albertsons has introduced a new "Blue Ribbon" Beef brand in its stores across the country. , a new, high quality brand to its supermarkets across the country.

    Clement Stevens, Albertsons' group vice president for Fresh Foods, Merchandising, and Procurement, said the Blue Ribbon introduction marked the latest step in Albertsons' intensive program to provide the best possible value to its customers and further enhance the company's already strong level of customer satisfaction by offering new high quality products.

    The company recently introduced a premium Essensia line of private label foods.

  • IGA announced that 47 new stores supplied by Connecticut-based Bozzuto's, Inc., have been added to the IGA system over the last two months. The stores are located in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

    Fifteen of the new stores will fly the IGA Express banner, a convenience-oriented store format.

  • Researchers at Finland's National Public Health Institute report on a new study suggesting that rats bred to drink alcohol live longer, healthier lives than rats bred to refuse alcohol - even if the rats bred to drink booze never actually drank liquor.

    "This is a difference in health related to genetics, not to the effects of alcohol," wrote David Sinclair, one of the researchers, in a medical publication. "The fascinating point then is whether these dramatic genetic differences in rats have any parallel in humans. Are there beneficial features related to genes that otherwise promote alcoholism, or detrimental effects from genes that protect from alcoholism?"

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