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It was in a United Supermarket in Lubbock, Texas, that Texas Tech basketball coach Bobby Knight got into a now-highly publicized verbal confrontation with his boss, Chancellor David Smith.

Smith reportedly was eating lunch at with another university employee at the store when he saw Knight going up to the salad bar. He went over to talk with the coach, at which point Knight became enraged, accused the chancellor of being a liar, and said they had been nothing wrong with his on-court demeanor this season When Smith tried to leave, Knight followed him. The chancellor then told Knight that he deserved more respect from the coach.

Witnesses went to great pains to say that there was no physical contact between the two men, and that nothing had been thrown.

Neither Knight nor the university were commenting on the incident.

However, Dan Sanders, executive marketing manager of United Supermarkets, told the local media, "This was not a major event as far as I'm concerned. It didn't inconvenience any customers, and it didn't destroy anything in the store. It's a fairly minor incident and the fact that it happened in our store is inconsequential. They exited the store and that was it."
KC's View:
Inconsequential, maybe. But the kind of story that MNB just lives for.