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The Washington Post reports on the vote expected by the Los Angeles City Council on the issue of whether to ban Wal-Mart supercenters from the city, noting that "unlike other places in conflict with Wal-Mart and other "big box" national retailers, Los Angeles is hardly trying to save its small-town charms. With nearly 4 million people and roads choked with traffic, it has none.

"Rather, city leaders…say they fear the arrival of the retailer's biggest stores would drive down local wages, as rival businesses struggle to survive; wipe out more jobs than they create; and leave more residents without health insurance -- and with no choice but to use public hospitals and clinics that are already overrun by demand."

And the situation in California is exacerbated by concerns about what will happen in other companies when Wal-Mart comes to town - and the four-month-old strike/lockout affecting 70,000 supermarket employees seems to ample evidence that seismic change is on the horizon.
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