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As the third annual CIES international Food Safety Conference concluded in Barcelona, developments included…

  • Geoffrey Podger, executive director of the new European Food Safety Authority
    (EFSA), told the assembly that EFSA will be responsible for only risk assessment, with risk management remaining the responsibility of the European Commission, national agencies and companies. He said that EFSA's priorities include "greater transparency," the development of better relationships both within and outside the EU, and "increased stakeholder confidence."

  • In addition, various breakout sessions focused on:

    • A new Global Food Safety Initiative‚s (GFSI) benchmarking survey on Good Retail Practices in the area of store cleanliness;

    • A recommendation that the GFSI resolve food safety standard accreditation issues on a global scale as soon as possible;

    • A discussion of the need for the industry to focus not just on best practices when it comes to food safety, but also on consumer perceptions and media coverage.

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