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Reuters reports that three new magazines focusing on how men shop are scheduled to hit newsstands this year: Conde Nast's Cargo, Ziff Davis Media's Sync, and Primedia's Best (which had a debut last year in a limited edition and is likely to be rolled out in 2004).

Such magazines are attractive to publishers because advertisers traditionally like their friendly editorial, though the question remains whether mainstream men will cotton to such publications.
KC's View:
We believe that men are fertile ground for such magazines, as long as the editorial approach doesn't cater too heavily to the metrosexual crowd.

But simple, easy-to-use advice for guys about how to buy stuff that we need or want would be welcome. And we remain absolutely convinced that there is plenty of room for giving men advice in the food and nutrition area. It's what Rodale does with its Men's Health title, and what retailers ought to be doing on a day-in-day-out basis.

It's called cultivating a new consumer base. And heaven knows that guys are a consumer base that need all the help we can get.