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Melissa Gilbert, the president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and an actress you may remember better as someone who played that cute little Laura Ingalls on the old "Little House on the Prairie" television series, has sent an email to her membership, saying, in part:

SAG members in California continue to show their solidarity on UFCW picket lines across the state. As the strike/lockout enters its fifth month, please stop by a picket line, buy a UFCW member a cup of coffee, and take his or her picket sign for an hour or two. The UFCW is fighting to protect their health benefits and appreciates anything we can do to support them.'

Nationwide, you should show your support by shopping only in union stores. Wal-Mart’s low prices come at a tremendous cost - not only to workers in groceries and retail but to thousands of workers in manufacturing whose jobs have moved out of the country as suppliers struggle to meet Wal-Mart's demands for cheaper products. We all feel the pain of runaway production— so shop union, work union.
KC's View:
Hey, we don't place too much importance on what SAG does or doesn't do. But it certainly is an indication of what the union movement is trying to do; after all, if SAG is sending out such emails, so is virtually every other union leader in this country.

That's worth knowing. And incorporating into how one deals with the current labor environment.