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  • General Mills said this week that it will spend $21 million to market and advertise yet another Cheerios brand extension - Strawberry Banana Berry Burst Cheerios.

    The company says that its Triple Berry Berry Burst Cheerios rollout was "one of the most successful product introductions in General Mills' history."

  • The Wall Street Journal reports on a new beer created by a Swedish brewer that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The product is labeled, and the WSJ says that it will provide an interesting test on how consumers in the EU will respond to GMOs.

  • Costco shareholders voted overwhelmingly at the company's annual meeting to elect all directors annually, rather than for three-year terms. The company said it would examine the resolution and report back.

    Supporters of the vote said it was not an anti-Costco vote, but rather a recognition that in 2004 America, greater accountability was called for.

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