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The Chicago Tribune reports on the development of a new food pyramid for the 21st century, as the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) considers "a radically different approach that aims to compete with the Atkins and South Beach diet plans."

USDA's Eric Hentges, executive director of the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, said the revised pyramid will offer a dozen diet plans ranging from 1,000 calories a day for children to 3,200 calories a day for athletes, rather than the three levels offered by the current pyramid. The goal also is to make the pyramid more user-friendly, with links to an interactive website that will allow consumers to create a more customized and appropriate diet.

The new pyramid is set to be released in early 2005.
KC's View:
We think this will be a little bit tricky…USDA needs to take these sorts of issues into account without pandering to fads.

Which is roughly the same problem that retailers and manufacturers face.