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The Los Angeles Times reports that "California's $14-billion wine industry has begun to climb out of a three-year slump," owing to smaller availability of cheap wine and fewer surpluses that helped to drive down prices.

"The confluence of a massive invasion of inexpensive imports and a statewide surplus of grapes appears to be ebbing," the LAT writes. "Mother Nature, the removal of 50,000 acres of vines around the state and a sagging U.S. dollar are finally turning things around."

The good news for California's wine industry, according to the LAT: as the economy improves, people are drinking more expensive wine, and people are ordering more wine in restaurants.
KC's View:
One of the best things about wine is that it is one of those categories that encourages retailers to indulge their romantic sides. When it comes to wine, retailers seem to be willing to take the extra steps to educate consumers, let consumers sample product, and introduce new and interesting items.

So, cheers to the folks in the California wine industry…and here's to the hope that retailers will use the kind of enthusiasm they have for this category in other parts of the store.