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Regarding the possibility that there will be a new black-colored Mountain Dew drink this year, MNB user Bob McMath (who has forgotten more about new products than we'll ever know) writes:

There was a bottled Black Lemonade by a small company sold several years ago, and for a time it really did sell well. Pepsi has a knack for bringing out odd ball flavors of Pepsi and other beverages for a short run -- and maybe if they launch this, it will have a money making run before it, too, fades away.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


In response to a story about a move to prevent obesity lawsuits in Ohio, one MNB user wrote:

Kudos to the Ohio legislature for banning frivolous obesity lawsuits. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for the lifestyle they choose, which includes what they decide to consume and in what quantities. It would be nice if California would adopt such a ban.

We continue to feel that legislative bans on such suits are a bad idea. If the lawsuits are frivolous, let the court system make that determination.

Responding to our story yesterday about the c-store chain that fired a clerk after she was held up at knife-point, even though she identified the thief and all the money was recovered (they said she violated policy by having too much cash in the till), MNB user Jim Gray wrote:

You know, sometimes management just can't stop feeding upon itself. Moronic just doesn't cover it.

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