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The Associated Press reports that Florida's citrus industry has decided to spend almost $2 million to counteract the negative impact that low-carb diets have had on the consumption of orange juice.

Abandoning an ad campaign aimed at young and professional women, the $9 billion industry instead is going right after what it terms the "powerful, negative messages" that it feels are discouraging the consumption of orange juice. This isn't just perception; consumption of orange juice fell from 888 million gallons two years ago to about 844 million gallons last year.

Chief among the industry's targets are Dr. Phil McGraw and the Atkins Diet, which the citrus industry says allow consumption of orange juice despite popular perceptions to the contrary. It is considering a lawsuit against the authors of "The South Beach Diet" for discouraging orange juice consumption because of its high level of sugar.
KC's View:
Out of curiosity, we did a quick search of the Atkins site this morning, and found an interview with the late Dr. Robert Atkins in which he said, "Orange juice has a very high glycemic index, meaning the glucose enters the bloodstream very quickly," and suggested that such products "should be avoided."

That doesn't sound like permission to us.

That said, we have to admit that when we've tried Atkins, orange juice and oatmeal - two foods that always were said to be healthy - were among the things we missed the most.