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The nights have been cold here in the frozen tundra that is Connecticut, which means that some wonderful red wines have been a source of comfort and warmth.

There are three that we've really enjoyed, part of what our wine merchant calls his "Ski House Reds" flight…

    • A 2001 Lockhart Merlot, which has this great combination of vanilla and fruit and is a pretty lively glass of wine.

    • A 1999 Chathom Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, which went great with lamb and steak…big and full and spicy.

    • Our favorite of the three was a 2000 Bishop's Peak Zinfandel, which was simultaneously dry and fruity - with cranberry the flavor that dominated. Yum! (Now, we should say that when we opened this bottle, we were with Mrs. Content Guy, our Marketing Guy Jim Roxbury, and Mrs. Marketing Guy. The opinion was split on this one - the guys liked it, the women not so much. But that might just be us…)

Great stuff. If you want to find out more about these wines and how to buy them, go to:
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