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Spartan Stores announced yesterday that it will consolidate its retail stores from five banners to two, believing that the move will allow it to achieve greater efficiency in its marketing efforts and improve sales and profitability.

The company will change the name of its six Ashcraft's Markets, three Great Day Food Centers, and eight Prevo's Family Markets to either the Family Fare Supermarkets or Glen's Markets banners. Spartan already operates 13 Family Fare stores and 23 Glen's Markets, and says that these are its best-known banners.

According to a statement released by the company, "This marketing effort will allow Spartan to develop a more consistent and effective consumer message, and result in higher product, service, value and quality standards across its entire retail grocery store base. Operational efficiencies will be realized primarily through more streamlined and focused retail marketing and advertising functions."
KC's View:
This may be a bit of a risk, changing the names of stores in a highly competitive marketplace. Even if they are less well known, they still have years of brand equity behind them.

But efficiencies have to be found wherever and whenever they may be available. Let's hope for Spartan's sake that the balance works out in its favor.