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The Associated Press reports that Wal-Mart is testing "Wal-Mart Money Centers" in 16 stores in north Georgia and east Tennessee, though the banking centers are actually operated by the National Bank of Commerce.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa Berryhill calls it a ‘‘co-branded pilot program’’ that combines services offered by its stores — such as payroll check cashing, money transfers and money orders — with traditional banking services.

The National Bank of Commerce has had banks in Wal-Mart stores for a dozen years, though this is the first time that the Wal-Mart name has been given such prominence. Wal-Mart has made various attempts to get into the banking business, though Berryhill says the company has no further plans in this area. Banking has been attractive to the company because it estimates one out of five Wal-Mart customers don't have checking accounts; the new arrangement is an attempt, according to the company, to get some of those people to start banking with Wal-Mart.
KC's View:
World domination takes many forms. This is but one of them.