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Starbucks, the ubiquitous coffee retailer that has changed the nature of preparing and drinking coffee in the Us and elsewhere, finally opens its first store in Paris today.

The store is being run in partnership with the company’s Spanish partner, Grupo VIPS. Starbucks already operates stores in European markets that include the UK, Switzerland, and Austria.

However, "Our success in other countries does not provide us with an entitlement to be successful in France," CEO Howard Schultz told the Associated Press. Schultz noted that the French tend to like their coffee short, black, bitter, and cheap - and so, expensive venti lattes may be a tough sell.

It's a long-term play, Schultz said. "Their curiosity will drive them into the stores."

A second Parisian Starbucks opens next week, with 10 more planned for Paris over the next year.
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