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A coalition that includes the American Public Health Association, Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Consumer Federation of America, has asked the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to release the names of supermarkets and restaurants that may have purchased meat from the Washington State cow that was infected with mad cow disease - information that the federal government has so far refused to provide.

The USDA has recalled about five tons of beef from Vern's of Moses Lake Meats, the plant in Washington that slaughtered the cow diagnosed just before Christmas with the first U.S. case of mad cow disease. That beef had been sent to food stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana, the USDA said, though it maintains that there was an "extremely low likelihood" that the beef contained any infectious material since the cow's brains and spinal cord were removed at slaughter.

Companies such as Safeway, Kroger's Fred Meyer, and Albertsons all voluntarily asked consumers to return beef to their stores.
KC's View:
This "managing information" trend seems to be growing within the federal government, doesn't it?