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  • A federal judge has ruled that Schick can continue to sell its four-blade Quattro razor, rejecting a claim by Gillette that it constituted patent infringement on its three-blade Mach3 razor.

    Not only had Schick denied the allegations made by Gillette, but it filed its own suit against the rival razor company saying that it engaged in false advertising by claiming in its ads that the Mach3 provides the best shave "a man can get."

  • Gillette announced yesterday that it is introducing a new, battery-powered, "pulsating" version of its Mach3 razor, which it says will lift hairs away from the skin and give a better shave.

    The better shave won't come cheap. The handle, including two blade cartridges and a Duracell battery, will cost about $14.99.

    The product is scheduled to hit stores in May.

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