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  • The Colorado State Senate's Judiciary Committee has approved a bill that would prevent obese and overweight people from suing fast food chains and other food retailers and holding them responsible for their corpulent condition.

    The full Senate still needs to vote on the measure.

  • According to published reports, a Colorado state senator is seeking to ban the use of supermarket loyalty/discount cards, saying that they infringe on people's privacy by allowing supermarkets to accumulate data about their customers and then sell the data to other companies.

    GOP Sen. Ken Chlouber introduced the bill, which charges that supermarkets sometimes raise prices on products and force shoppers to use the cards to get discounts, therefore forcing consumers to disclose their personal information.

KC's View:
We suspect that Sen. Chlouber must have been getting press releases from the folks at Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion And Numbering (CASPIAN), because this bill simply doesn't seem to make any sense.

We called Sen. Chlouber's office to find out exactly what precipitated the initiative; we haven't heard back from him.

As for the bill preventing lawsuits against food retailers…well, we agree with the instinct but we keep thinking that we'd prefer to see the justice system work, even if it is inefficient.

We would like to know exactly which chain sold what data to which third party…specifically.

That said…what's going on with that Rocky Mountain air?

Our experience generally has been that supermarket chains do a sub-par job of using the data they collect, and that almost all the executives to whom we have spoken are religious about not selling data.

But if there's a chain out there that is violating the cardinal rule of loyalty marketing, we want to know about it. Specifically.