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Yesterday on MNB, we wrote:

    Published reports say that the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union in Southern California has shifted its picketers from the front of Ralphs stores there to loading docks, hoping to choke off the supply of food as opposed to the supply of customers…Sources told MNB that the latest move by the UFCW was less a strategic shift than it was a bow to reality. It is easier and takes fewer people to picket loading docks, sources told us, and the UFCW has been running into problems keeping the picket lines up as workers become more and more disillusioned.

In this case, our fingers were moving faster than our brain. The fact is that the UFCW wasn't actually moving pickets…rather, it was adding pickets to Ralphs' loading docks. The UFCW hasn't been picketing Ralphs stores for a number of weeks, believing that Ralphs management was less intractable than that at Safeway's Vons and Albertsons, the other two chains involved in the labor action.

The UFCW shifted its strategy after filing a pair of lawsuits charging that Ralphs was enticing locked-out workers back and using false names and Social security numbers.

We apologize for the mistake.
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