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  • Harris Teeter reportedly has signed a lease to open up its first store in Washington, DC, which local analysts believe will be the first of perhaps as many as a half-dozen units it would like to open in the nation's capital.

    The 140-unit Harris Teeter Corp. already has six stores in Northern Virginia.

  • The Washington Post reports this morning that "the global acreage devoted to genetically altered crops jumped 15 percent last year, the seventh straight year of double-digit growth and a sign that a broad controversy over the safety of the technology has not deterred farmers from adopting it."

    In fact, there are seven million farmers growing biotech crops throughout the globe, an increase of one million over a year ago.

    And it isn’t just the US, thought the biggest concentration of biotech crops is here. Nations such as Brazil, India, and Indonesia are beginning to embrace the technology.

  • The Associated Press reports that there is a "mystery disease" threatening this year's crop of Vidalia onions, and that scientists are scrambling to identify the source of the problem. The disease, if ignored, could ruin the $75 million annual crop.

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