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  • UK HBC retailer Boots reportedly plans to lay off 1,000 people in an effort to cut costs in the UK.

    The move comes shortly after Tesco announced a price-slashing strategy designed to allow it to encroach on Boots' market share.

  • In a surprising revelation considering its growth in popularity, Australian wine exports were reported to be down 27 percent between October and November 2003; exports of Australian wine also were down 11 percent in November 2003 compared with the same month a year earlier.

  • In part, experts attributed the decline to the strength of the Australian dollar, which makes it more expensive for North American and European companies to import products from Down Under.

  • Interesting story in The Boston Globe over the weekend reporting that a team of European scientists say that the length of people's lives often is related to the economic climate of the times and places in which they live. Simply put, if times are good, they live longer. If times are tough…well, it's time to take out a better life insurance policy.

    The researchers say they’re not sure why this is true, though they speculate that when people have more money, they can spend more on health care.
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KC's View:
In good economic times, they also have more to spend on food, drink, weather-appropriate clothing, education (which allows them to make better decisions), etc…

Glad it wasn't the US government funding this particular study.