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Just yesterday, MNB reported that the American Academy of Pediatrics was recommending that all soft drinks should be banned from the nation's schools as a way of combating America's obesity epidemic.

Now, north of the border, soft drink companies are responding to criticisms and concerns about childhood obesity levels by pulling carbonated drinks out of elementary and middle schools. The decision was made by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, which have agreed to changes that will have half the products in elementary and middle school vending machines be water and pure fruit juice, with non-carbonated juice and sports drinks making up the rest.

School officials said that they believed children of elementary and middle school age were ill-equipped to make the purchase decisions on their own, and therefore a climate of "restricted choice" was in their best interests.

Besides, "We don't want to be teaching one thing at home or in a classroom and then walk out in the hallway and have a contradiction," said Ontario Education Minister Gerard Kennedy.
KC's View:
It is moves like these that require soft drink companies to invest in other kinds of beverage products. After all, there is personal health and there is corporate health…and they aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.