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We wrote yesterday about a new Web service,, that allows fliers using Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC, to order online from a menu of five sandwich baskets, which are then available for pickup at the airport’s TGI Friday’s location. Expansion to other reports is planned…which seems to welcomed by one MNB user:

“This is a great idea! Especially since some airlines are cutting down or eliminating food service completely on flights. I believe one airline is actually testing the brilliant idea of charging a passenger EXTRA if they would like a meal... I'd rather pay for food I know I enjoy rather than ‘airplane food.’”

We agree. We just think supermarkets ought to be thinking about how to get a piece of the action.

Reaction from MNB user Larkin Toler to our story yesterday about Eckerd’s expansion plans:

“In Dallas area where I live, The Big Three Drug Chains, Eckerds, CVS & Walgreen are going heads up on opposite corners at many intersections around in both the dense neighborhoods and also the surrounding suburb towns. I have seen it where brand newly built stores of ALL THREE at three of the four hard corners. I wonder which will be first to start selling gas out front and do the "Big Box Discounter" marketing strategy of gasoline as a loss leader? When they do, more "for sale" signs will be at the c-Store on the other corner. The sold out, long gone are the local independent one store drug store "chain." Sorry Mom & Pop. Anyone as old as me that remember them? They were on the Town Square. Remember that? That was before Highway Loops and Wal-Mart and Big Grocery stores adding Pharmacy and gasoline to their bag of tricks. Now the Big Three are more of a threat. It is hard to kill what is already dead. Sorry Jimmy Stewart, it’s not a Wonderful Life. Mr. Potter done took over town.

And Frank Capra would be appalled.

Continued reaction to the Miller Lite mud wrestling commercial. MNB user Scott Lehr writes:

“In the case of beer ads, they're always pushing the T&A edge. I'm in the target, but have found the current Coors and Miller ads particularly disgusting. We have two children and don't watch most prime time because of the content of the shows and now I have a hard time watching Sunday afternoon football because of the ads. When lurid behavior that you don't want your kids exposed to is the focus of commercials, it's time to turn it off and quit buying that product. We have.”

A quick note here, if we may,. We got a number of emails yesterday responding to the women who wrote in expressing annoyance at the Miller ads and saying that while they may be targeted at her husband, she did the food shopping in her household and therefore would not be buying Miller anymore. The emails we got questioned not just her opinion, but her husband’s masculinity for letting her decide what beer he drinks.

We’re not posting those letters, quite frankly, because we thought they were a little unfair to the woman and her husband. More than that, they seemed a little…well, personal. (We don’t mind personal attacks on us, but we’re sort of protective of other members of the MNB community.) She’s certainly entitled to her opinion, and he’s entitled to let her buy the beer. Our feeling is that guys who don’t do the shopping shouldn’t complain about what their wives buy, just like guys who don’t do the cooking shouldn’t complain about what’s on the dinner table.

On that note, we’ll see you Monday…have a great weekend.
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