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Albertsons 165-store Southwest Division has created a program called “Nutrition in Focus” that will offer a 'dietitian on-call' to anyone with nutritional questions and concerns.

“My goal is to help Albertsons shoppers translate the general and often far-reaching health concepts they hear or read about into specific meal planning ideas and better shopping habits,” says Michelle Gorman, R.D., Albertsons newest corporate dietitian. “Whether you're a busy parent, shopping for a picky eater, struggling with diabetes or concerned about aging, we understand the stress that accompanies your grocery choices.”

The “Nutrition in Focus” is designed to make Albertsons a resource for healthy eating to include food preparation tips and nutritional information for shoppers and employees -- both online and in stores.
KC's View:
This is exactly what retailers should be doing -- creating programs relevant to both food and consumers. By serving as the unique and differentiated bridge between the two, the canny retailer can be both essential and informative.

Smart move by Albertsons.