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The Dallas News reports that Wal-Mart’s plan to build a 113,000 square foot supercenter at Hedgcoxe Road and Independence Parkway, killed more than two years ago because of neighborhood opposition, has risen like the phoenix.

Wal-Mart reportedly has resubmitted its proposal to local officials with scaled back details, though some neighbors say that the new proposal doesn’t live up to Wal-Marts previous commitments.

"There are some major differences that concern us," a local homeowner told the paper. We understand they own the land and they have the right to do what they'd like. We worked hard a few years ago to get them to understand working with us is better for everyone involved. It sounds like they're going off on their own without any input from us."

The new preliminary site plan calls for a 40,000-square-foot Neighborhood Market store, retail shops, restaurants, and a gas station. Wal-Mart says it does not deviate greatly from plans agreed to by neighbors in the past.

According to the paper, the site is already zoned for retail use, and city planners expect few roadblocks when the proposal goes before the Planning and Zoning Commission later this month.
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