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Well, we’ve certainly learned something about the MNB user demographic…

On Friday, when writing a story about how a large percentage of California kids are overweight and out of shape, we wrote the following headline:

“Fat…And Stupid Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son”

We noted in our commentary that this line comes from a movie…and said that the first person to identify the film, and the characters in the conversation would win an MNB t-shirt.

Well, almost from the moment the story got posted, the answers starting coming. And coming. And coming. One MNB user even called us on the phone with the answer, hoping to beat out all the emails and win the t-shirt. (It didn’t work.) We were, to be honest, astounded by the dozens and dozens of emails we got.

And the answer is…

“Animal House.” In the scene, Dean Wormer is talking to “Flounder,” who rewards the advice by throwing up all over Dean Wormer. (Real Noel Coward stuff, eh?)

And, as noted by many of you, the full quote is:

"Fat, drunk and stupid is now way to go through life, son."

The t-shirt is on the way to the winner…

To be honest, the vast majority of you who wrote in got it right. Some thought that Wormer was talking to Bluto (John Belushi.) Some thought it was from “Full Metal Jacket” or “Tommy Boy,” but most people were on the money.

We’ll do it again. Soon. We promise.
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