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  • Procter & Gamble Co. announced it will end its restructuring program a year early. “Organization 2005” will end in June 1004, according to reports.
    In addition, the company said that it will continue to push for increased sales of its major brands, seek out partnerships and strategic alliances with other companies, expand its efforts in developing nations, and persist in efforts to cut costs and improve productivity.

  • Tesco, the UK’s top food retailer, now is serving as a travel agent of sorts on its web site. The company has struck a deal with a travel agency to allow consumers using to book hotels, air travel, rental cars and vacation packages. Discounts are being offered to members of Tesco’s frequent shopper program.

  • The China Post reports that in Taiwan, McDonald’s is bringing out a series of rice dishes that it believes will account for as much as 10 percent of its revenue there. It has been testing the dishes in a limited number of Taiwan outlets since last month, and has been serving them in Hong Kong since last July. The goal is to lure customers that have been ignoring the lure of the local Mickey D’s.

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