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Men and women have new reasons to try soy, according to the January 2003 edition of Prevention. “Research suggests that soy helps keep arteries healthy after menopause. For men, soy may help ward off prostate cancer.”

On page 60 of the magazine, there is a chart and produce reviews for various kinds of soy milk…, which is a great way to promote this category.
KC's View:
We think that the best part of this approach is the endorsements offered by Prevention staffers who tasted these products…they’re writing as women and consumers, not as magazine people. And therefore, their comments have greater resonance and credibility.

This is a technique that more retailers ought to emulate…using the opinions of both staffers and consumers to promote categories and products within the store. Those kinds of comments are far more likely to influence shoppers’ opinions than the opinions offered by the retailer or manufacturer…especially when it comes to categories like soy products, that likely are unfamiliar to a wide range of consumers.

Linking these kinds of products to specific and pressing health issues -- and you can’t get more pressing for aging baby boomers than menopause and prostate cancer.