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In this month’s Facts, Figures & The Future newsletter, produced by Phil Lempert, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and ACNielsen, a number of critical issues are addressed:

  • Speed of Life: In a survey designed to monitor and predict how today's ‘speed of life’ will impact tomorrow's purchases, ACNielsen found that 63 percent of its Consumer Pre*View Panel agreed "strongly or somewhat strongly" that they are seeking new ways to get their shopping, cooking and cleaning done faster.

  • Warehouse Club Demographics: In 2001, the Warehouse Club Channel sales reached $70 billion and are expected to increase by 9-10% in 2003. While “Club retailers now face competition from other retailers selling "club" packs... along with other big-box retailers adding gasoline pumps…the Warehouse Club Channel now has 900 + stores, and ACNielsen reports that about half of all U.S. households shop in this channel.” Interestingly, "While U.S. Grocery retailers are scrambling to react to the expansion of Supercenters, the demographics of Warehouse Club shoppers are actually more similar to heavy Grocery channel shoppers than they are to heavy Supercenter shoppers.


  • The Hispanic Consumer - Prepared Foods Opportunity.

  • An “Economic Snapshot” as 2002 comes to an end.

  • Produce: Is Random Weight Dead?

  • The “Real Growth” in Private Label

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