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Published reports say that as BJ’s Wholesale Club reworks its marketing and merchandising approaches to be more consumer-friendly -- as opposed to targeting small business, which is the approach being taken by Sam’s Club -- it will expand the role of pharmacy in its HBC sections.

The first step, according to the company, will be to expand pharmacies in 40 existing BJ’s units, in the hope that pharmacies can be added to these locations. At the same time, BJ’s will build two new pharmacies in existing units, bringing the total it operates at the present time to six.

HBC and prescription sales are seen as a way for BJ’s to boost both traffic and profitability.
KC's View:
We were always taught that pharmacy is usually the last department in a store to become profitable, as well as one of the most loyalty-inspiring departments once consumers have made the leap.

The problem here is that BJ’s may have to do some significant marketing to get people to come to its stores as often as they might need to in order to get prescriptions filled. It is hard to imagine in the best of circumstances turning to a wholesale club as the convenient choice to get a prescription.

We’re not saying it’s impossible. Just tough.