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Reuters reports that even as Martha Stewart’s image is tarnished by legal problems associated with her alleged insider trading, other personalities are looking to duplicate her success as style mavens.

Names you might expect to hear from include restaurateur B. Smith, British "domestic goddess" Nigella Lawson, and interior decorator Anne McKevitt.
KC's View:
As cynical as we’ve always been about Martha Stewart (and we were all over her case long before she ever head of ImClone Systems stock), one of the things we’ve always admired about her is that she speaks to people’s desire to better themselves, to improve their taste, to develop a certain style and confidence.

Now, she took it to absurd degrees, and people began to imitate her as opposed to developing any sense of their own style and confidence.

It seems to us that food retailers ought to speak to people’s desire to attain more in their food-related lives, through sampling, education, and encouragement.

However, that means the retailer has to be more than a Wal-Mart wannabee…