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If consumers are increasingly concerned about their weight, perhaps it makes sense to offer them food options that will fill them up without fattening them up.

That’s the premise of “15 Fill-You-Up Foods,” a special pull-out shopping guide found in the December 2002 issue of Prevention magazine.
KC's View:
Our suggestion? Simple. Take this page and turn it into a sales tool in a wide variety of departments. Let people know that they don’t have to starve themselves to keep their weight down. And assure shoppers that your supermarket isn’t just a source of food, but a resource for this kind of information.

We believe in this kind of synergy, which is why we’ve entered into this partnership with the folks at Rodale Press, offering on a weekly basis terrific ideas from its roster of magazines -- such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Organic Style, and “Runner’s World -- that can be utilized in-store to both build sales and build relationships with consumers.