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On New York’s Long Island, Newsday reports that despite the national trend toward giant retailing entities that put smaller companies out of business, several smaller, entrepreneurial operators have decided to stake out competitive positions.

Among them:

• Fairway, a New York City institution that opened a store on Long Island a year and a half ago.

• Farmer’s Market, a single store operation in Glen Cove owned by a married couple with no grocery retailing experience.

• Best Yet, a store formerly called Produce Warehouse, which caters largely to an ethnic population.

• And Stew Leonard’s, which will open its fourth store and first on Long Island in the spring of 2004.

The major competitors with which these companies are doing battle include Ahold’s Stop & Shop, A&P, Pathmark, and King Kullen.
KC's View:
Just based on percentages, you’d probably want to put your money on Stew Leonard’s and Fairway, simply because they would seem to have a better foundation upon which to build successful businesses even in a cutthroat environment. But that’s not to say that the other two can’t be successful; it’s just going to be tough…