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Several stories this morning illustrate retailing entities that aren’t just playing defense…

  • The Lakeland Ledger reports that Publix Super Markets plans to build between 15 and 30 stores in the Nashville market, having only entered the market last June when it acquired seven units from Albertsons.

    If the company builds all these units, that would likely make it the second-ranked chain in the market, putting it into a face-off with Kroger -- with which it is already battling in Atlanta. The general feeling seems to be that Publix isn’t shying away from a fight, and that Kroger has the most to lose in a battle with the highly respected Florida-based retailer.

  • In Seattle, Costco has announced that it will beef up its presence there by opening up four new stores, a 33 percent increase over its current store count of 12.

    In addition, the company already has said that it will open a stand-alone furniture warehouse and stand-along gourmet warehouse in the Seattle metropolitan area.

  • McDonald’s subsidiary Chipotle Mexican Grill will open 15 stores in New York City over the next few years, the division’s first attempt to bring its Big Burrito to the Big Apple. There currently are 217 Chipotle units nationwide; there are some 100 stores on the drawing board for next year. If it can make it there…
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