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The December 2002 issue of ,i>Runner’s World features an interesting article entitled “Eat Better All Day Long,” which offers nine common sense guidelines for how to eat more intelligently. The basic notions are:

1. Don’t get too hungry.
2. Make time to eat.
3. Surround yourself with wholesome foods.
4. Eat breakfast.
5. Eat before you run.
6. Try creative meal planning.
7. Lose weight one pound at a time.
8. Don’t aim for perfection.
9. Live and learn.

The piece, found on page 46, also features a cutout guide to smart supermarket shopping.
KC's View:
When we saw this, we didn’t see a guide to eating better. We saw a guide to shopping smarter…which is what every food retailer ought to be interested in for the long run. This piece is a great starting point with which to start a dialogue with shoppers about how they can use the store more intelligently…whether they are runners or not.

We believe in this kind of synergy, which is why we’ve entered into this partnership with the folks at Rodale Press, offering on a weekly basis terrific ideas from its roster of magazines -- such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Organic Style, and “Runner’s World -- that can be utilized in-store to both build sales and build relationships with consumers.