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  • Kmart ‘s holiday advertising campaign has hit the airwaves, featuring a slogan that says "Get More Gifts, Spread More Cheer" and features Martha Stewart plugging her line of Christmas merchandise. The company reportedly is optimistic about the impact of the campaign and Stewart’s participation, even though a certain pall has been thrown over her reputation because of accusations of inside trading. We have to be honest, the Stewart TV ad made us queasy…it is highly disconcerting having her hyping products connected to a holiday linked to peace, love and generosity of spirit…sort of like having Willie Sutton doing bank commercials.

  • Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Clorox announced a joint venture in food and trash bags, containers, and wraps under the Glad and GladWare trademarks, using technologies developed by both companies to drive the business. P&G will dedicate approximately 20 full-time employees to the joint venture, and will have a 10 percent stake in the business, with an option to double that ownership if it so chooses.

    Clorox will contribute the existing Glad bags, containers and wraps business, and owns the balance of the business.

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