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In Chicago, the united Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union and representatives of Safeway’s Dominick’s division met on Tuesday.

The union said it was the resumption of negotiations.

Dominick’s said it was no such thing, but rather was just an attempt to clarify the chain’s last offer, which it has described as its final offer.

It was the first meeting between the two sides since Dominick’s employees voted to authorize a strike against the company, now that their contract has expired. Safeway has promised to sell or close the division down if the union does not accept its final offer.
KC's View:
Not to belittle or minimize an issue that could cost 8,900 people their jobs, but we wish something would happen to bring this story to a close. Either the union has to make a concession, Safeway has to make a concession, or Safeway has to close/sell the damned stores.

But could we get it over with, please?