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The Chicago Tribune reports that Peapod, the Ahold-owned online grocery service, is expanding in the market where it began back in 1990. the e-grocer will now serve 14 Chicago suburbs, as well as the south side Beverly neighborhood.

The company said it was expanding in response to requests from residents of the various communities. About 60 percent of Peapod’s Chicago business emanates from the suburbs.

Peapod increased its second quarter sales by 19 percent, and lost $7.6 million during the period, down from $11.3 million during the same period last year.
KC's View:
We fully expect that one of these days we’ll be writing about Peapod being profitable; the company has said that it is making money in certain markets.

It’s nice to see Peapod still cooking after all these years…that a dozen years after it launched, its vans are still out there, and a growing number of people are utilizing it.