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  • NeXpansion, the NetGrocer product that provides “Endless Aisle” capability to retailers, signed a deal with to provide 3,000 premium pet food items, which will now be available to shoppers at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Clemens Family Markets and Penn Traffic's P&C Foods, all of which use the “Endless Aisle” system. The pet products soon will be available to Pathmark and Big Y shoppers, as well. We continue to believe that progressive retailers should be providing both some sort of Internet shopping experience as well as the “Endless Aisle” service to their shoppers. Isn’t the whole point to have the products the customer wants -- and when, where and how she wants them? (If there’s another point, somebody please let us know…)

  • The Associated Press reports that at least five former Kmart Corp. executives have received subpoenas from the company, as it continues to probe the management practices that led to its bankruptcy filing last January. More than 25 executives of the company received $28 million in potentially forgivable loans during their tenure at the retailer.

    As previously reported in MNB, a previous subpoena inquired about personal use of company equipment (such as the corporate jet), and how much contact executives might have had with Wal-Mart officials. It’s the Wal-Mart question that intrigues us…aside from possibly submitting their resumes, what exactly might the Kmart execs have been speaking to Wal-Mart about?

  • The Toronto Globe and Mail reports that the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen has discovered that people who drink wine are more than two times less likely to develop dementia, including Alzheimer’s. We’ll avoid the obvious jokes here…you can fill in your own, as you wish…
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