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While Russia has embarked on a path of sustained economic growth since 1999, it is important to note “that this apparent boom took place against weak comparatives,” reports M+M PlanetRetail in a new report, “Grocery Retailing In Russia 2002,” just published and now available from the editors of “It may be of some surprise that Russia is in fact one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe. Therefore, Russia’s business potential does not primarily lie in its population’s current spending power, but in the long-term potential of a gradually reforming country with a huge population of 145 million.”

According to the report, “annual per capita consumer spending in Russia
continues to be extremely low, even by Central Eastern European standards…
It is only in the country’s largest cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, that average spending power reaches levels comparable with those in Poland, the Czech Republic, or Hungary. However, given the fact that the combined population of Moscow and St Petersburg is considerably higher than that of, say, Portugal, these areas are certainly worth exploring even at this stage, irrespective of the low national per capita figures.”

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