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As regular readers of MNB know, we write often about the need for retailers to better inform and educate their shoppers about nutritional subjects, especially as they relate to issues like obesity. In the November 2002 issue of Runner’s World, there is an excellent article on the topic of portion size., which addresses how consumers can deal with the “uniquely American phenomenon known as ‘super-sizing.’”

“The public health implications from all this are profound<” the magazine reports, “as researchers now point to expanding portion sizes as one of the primary reasons our waistlines are expanding as well.” The article, found on page 24, does a nice job of helping consumers understand how to avoid heaping portions both at home and when eating out -- and therefore can serve as a base of information that retailers can provide their shoppers.
KC's View:
Gone are the days when the most information a retailer had to provide a consumer was the difference between various cuts of meat and the price of peas on aisle seven. These days, we believe that supermarkets need to be the primary resource for information about food and nutrition; to avoid this challenge is to miss out on a great opportunity and put a store at risk of becoming irrelevant.

That’s why we’ve entered into this partnership with the folks at Rodale Press, offering on a weekly basis terrific ideas from its roster of magazines -- such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Organic Style, and “Runner’s World -- that can be utilized in-store to both build sales and build relationships with consumers.