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Analysts tell Crain's Chicago Business that in threatening to sell Dominick’s Finer Foods if it cannot reach what it deems to be an acceptable agreement with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, Safeway Inc. is betting that it can get the UFCW to cave in.

The experts say that Safeway has described its current offer as its final offer, demanding a wide range of concessions so it can compete more effectively with Albertsons’ Jewel division.

And while the bargaining position -- or non-bargaining position -- seems somewhat extreme, analysts say that they believe Safeway will put Dominick’s on the block if the union doesn’t budge.
KC's View:
We got an extraordinary outpouring of email yesterday to our story about Safeway’s ultimatum. Rather than comment here on the Dominick’s situation, we’ll hold off until the ‘Your Views” section below.