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The Washington Post reports that three provisions in the 2002 Farm Bill could allow the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change its rules pertaining to the labeling of irradiation. The food industry would like to see the phrase “cold pasteurization” replace irradiation, simply because it sounds less scary. The Post reports that this move is of great concern to “consumer groups that regard irradiating food as dangerous and under-researched.”

The FDA has told food companies how to petition to make changes in labeling, though the FDA does not have to make public the petitions or its comments on them. Decisions have to be made by the FDA in 180 days.
KC's View:
We know we’re in the minority on this one when it comes to the MNB community, but we think they ought to just leave the term “irradiation” alone. Sure, it may be an unfortunate choice of words…but change it, and opponents will keep calling it that and ask why proponents are so worried that they wanted to change the name.

Ahold’s Giant Food just announced that it will be carrying irradiated ground beef, and didn’t shy away from the word. It just explained the term.

Changing the term just smacks of defensive posturing.