business news in context, analysis with attitude, announced that it will expand its begin online e-grocery service to the Las Vegas market beginning tomorrow.

Since Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing areas in the US, and since Albertsons already serves west coast markets that include Seattle, San Diego, Southern California, Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area, this move suggests that the company is satisfied with the level of success it is having in those cities and believes its service is ready to be expanded.

Albertsons is running an e-coupon promotion for $10 off customers' orders over $75 for each of the first 4 weeks of this new service. Online orders placed by 10 a.m. will be available for pick-up after 5 p.m. the same day; orders placed by midnight will be delivered or available for pick up the following day. A nominal fee of $9.95 is charged for door-to-door delivery and $5.95 for pick up.

The company uses a “store pick” model, choosing grocery, pharmacy, and dry-good items from existing retail units.
KC's View:
Sounds like a good bet to us. And we don’t even gamble.

Online shopping continues to be, in our estimation, a major venue in the future. It isn’t going to take over the supermarket business, but for many retailers having online capabilities for shoppers will be roughly as important as having scanning. It’ll just be part of the package because the business will demand it.

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