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In the news this morning:

  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an alert after four salmonella outbreaks in the last three years were traced back to cantaloupes imported from Mexico. FDA recommended that import of the cantaloupes be immediately halted, and promised to work with the Mexican government in improving its food safety programs.

  • A federal bankruptcy judge approved a request by, Kmart Corp.'s e-commerce subsidiary, to sell its Internet service provider business for $8.4 million to United Online Inc.

  • Faced with the probability that its fast-food competitors will be increasingly getting into the c-store business, McDonald's Corp. continues to test two vending machine concepts that it owns -- a Tik Tok Easy Shop vending machine stocked with soda, milk, eggs, potato chips, toilet paper and cold sandwiches, and a Tik Tok DVD Shop that holds up to 900 DVDs
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  • The Canadian Press reports that since more than a quarter of Canadian children and almost 50 percent of adults there are overweight, the federal government has announced that it will spend $15 million to fund obesity research and encourage residents to get in shape.

  • A federal judge has approved the $10 million settlement that McDonald’s must pay out to Hindu and vegetarian groups because while the company represented its French fries as meatless, it was frying them in a beef-flavored oil.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts has closed its last store in the state of Washington, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, leaving the field open to Krispy Kreme, which is boosting its presence there. Dunkin’ Donuts once had 10 stores there, but never seemed to be able to focus on a region far from its core markets; Krispy Kreme, on the other hand, has three stores in Washington and plans for at least three more in the near future.

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